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• Expert Q&A: Spicy Foods,
  Night Sweats and More

• Are You Sabotaging Your

• Tips to Fend Off Serious

• Chew on This: How Healthier
  Gums Can Protect You

• Be Prepared for Diabetes

• Laugh Your Way to Better Health
• Men and Obesity:
  5 Key Factors

• Top Tips to Manage Diabetes 24/7
• Surprising Stay-Well Expert Info
• Important Steps to Better
  Diabetes Care

• Famous Faces of Diabetes
• Starting Insulin: When Pills Are
  Not Enough

• The Sex-Diabetes Connection:
  What You Need to Know

• Better Manage Your Condition
  with These Simple Tips


Adjusting to life with diabetes can be a challenge for many people. From changing your diet to monitoring your blood sugar to remembering to take your insulin when you leave the house, diabetes will have a significant impact on the way you live. But don’t let all that scare you—you can live a full, healthy and happy life with this condition.

Remember to talk to your doctor about what types of lifestyle changes you may need to make, and whether or not you’ll need to start or change your diabetes medication. And in the meantime, read our articles for expert tips and information—ranging from a doctor’s advice based on her first-hand knowledge of living with the condition, to an emergency-preparedness plan, to new findings in the dentistry-diabetes connection—so you can make the most out of your life with diabetes.

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