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Type 2 Diabetes Basics

About 24 million Americans—almost 7% of the nation's population—have type 2 diabetes. This chronic condition usually develops in middle-aged adults. People with type 2 diabetes have insulin (a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels) resistance, which keeps your body from responding to insulin. When this happens, glucose cannot move into cells and be used for energy.

Having type 2 diabetes will be a challenge at times, which is why, along with your healthcare team, we're here to support you and share key information on symptoms, treatments and new lifestyle habits you can start today.

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Type 2 Basics
Causes & Risk Factors
Healthcare Team


Diabetes Treatment Options
Mastering Insulin, Making Real Change
Tests to Monitor Your Care: Type 2

What's Your Diabetes IQ?
Men and Obesity: 5 Key Factors
What's Your Type
6 Easy Ways to Make Your Life Better
Questions for Your Doctor
How to Ask Your Family for Support
Insulin Syringe Safety for Diabetics


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